Egan’s work with a number of marble and wood sculptors from Italy to bring to the Catholic parishes in the USA, the highest quality  religious statues and artwork.   We were 1 of only 10 US firms invited by the Government of Italy to visit many studios Cararra for stone carvers and the Dolomite mountain area for wood carvers.    We developed numerous new resources from this trip to help our clients.


Prices for marble religious figures vay depending on the figure, amount of detail and the size. When prices are quoted, they included shipment to the Port of New York.

Custom designs without fees!

Our studio will create a custom design without any design fees. Some may require an added step in the sculpting process of creating a clay model (to verify detailed proportions of parts of the figures. (example. be certain an arm for a 5 ft figure is correctly proportioned for the height.)


Our marble religious statues are created from Cararra Marble. Cararra is the prefered stone since it has little "veining" in the stone.

 Marble Furniture is available in numerous types of stone.   Botochino, Rosato and other colored stones are available.


Cararra Marble