Our Lord, Jesus Christ is the most requested figure.    Below is just a small sample of some of the previous sculptures we have created for other clients.

Since all figures are “made to order”, we can create one of these models in any size, make small changes to fit your church or create another version of Christ.   Simply send us an image of what you may be looking for and we can create it.

Sacred Heart religious statue. Marble religous sculpture
Sacred Heart # 107
Sacred Heart religious statue, marble religious sculpture
Sacred Heart Marble Statue # 109
sacred heart religous statue. marble religious sculpture
Sacred Heart # 109
Sacred Heart religious statue. Marble religious sculpture
Welcoming Christ # 104
relgious sculpture in marble. Jesus Christ religous sculpture
Welcoming Christ # 105
Christ with Children marble statue| marble statues| marble sculptures| marble religious statues| Christ marble staute
Christ with Children # 120
Good Shepherd Marble statue good shepherd religuous sculpture
Good Shepherd Marble Statue # 106
Sacred Heart Marble Religious Statue
Sacred Heart # 110
111 Sacred Heart religious statue in marble
#111 Sacred Heart.

All figures shown are completely hand carved, by 5th generation Italian Artists.    We feature Cararra Marble for our figures due to its lack of “veins” in the stone.   This creates a beautiful sculpture without lines.

Figures are available in almost any size you need. 4 ft, 5 ft and 6 ft are the most common.  Minimum size 24 inch.

Religious Institutional sales only.   No individual sales.

Send us an email with your statue request and we will offer our best possible pricing.