New York Church Renovations

Catholic Statuary is a subdivision of Egan Church Restorations from North Kingstown, RI. Egan Church Restorations is a family owned “specialty contractor” for church specific products and services. However, in addition they offer many routine repair services and products for either church renovation or construction.

Church renovations are different than home or commercial property repairs because of the complexity of the architecture and understanding the different applications and uses of many of the materials in the church. A simple example is that a Catholic Church “sanctuary” is where the altar is, but in a protestant church, the “sanctuary” is where the people sit. Also, the altar area in a Jewish Temple would be “The Bima”.

Church painting and plaster repair requires a higher level of skill because most buildings have historic plaster, not sheet rock like commercial sites or homes. Repairing plaster needs to be done to preserve the original look and texture to maintain the historic features. Church painting also requires have a team of artists to create color schemes to highlight the architecture or faux marble finishes to simulate real marble.

Another specialty service is stained glass windows and the various products and services associated. New stained glass windows, stained glass window repair, stained glass protective coverings and new stained glass window frames.

Church flooring is another unique service that requires a different approach. There are many flooring contractors who offer hardwood flooring, marble tile or carpeting, but in a church setting, the furniture cannot be easily moved. Moving the church furniture requires a crafts person skilled at dis-assembly of pews and altars and the knowledge to re-set them to their original position.

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