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Catholic Statuary offers a wide variety of custom marble altars, marble pulpits and marble tabernacle stands for any catholic church, shrine or chapel. Our Italian Sculptors have been creating beautiful sanctuary furniture for more than 5 generations. Simple or ornate designs, all created to enhance the worship experience.

Marble altars can be created in many different type of Italian Mables. Carrara Marble. Botticino Marble. Calcatta Marble. Pavonazzo marble. Red Verona marble. These are just a handful of possibilities for your church.

The remaining sanctuary furniture can then be made to match or be a more simple marble type. Our artists can then create any size furniture for your church.

In addition to your choice of various marble types, our marble sanctuary furniture can also incorporate other features such as Last Supper Marble Carving, mosaic images such as IHS or Alpha and Omega images. The mosaic design and colors can then be incorporated into the floor or other architectural features.

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